These are the services we provide.

General Plumbing

I carry out all types of general plumbing from fixing a broken tap to installing a complete new bathroom. Other typical plumbing jobs are the replacement of a hot water cylinder, the installation of a new electric or power shower or fitting a pump on the water system to give you extra pressure

Boiler Service

The purpose of a boiler service is to ensure your boiler is running safely, efficiently, and to save money by spotting potential problems before a breakdown. A boiler service is an essential annual check that the system is working well and that there are no issues that may make the boiler unsafe. Gas needs to burn at the right temperature and with the right mix of gases to make sure that it is safe and not creating deadly carbon monoxide

Boiler Repair

My expertise and knowledge may save you money! Without this experience other plumbers may replace parts unnecessarily or even tell you to get a new boiler! When your boiler breaks down too things cross your mind – how soon can it be fixed and how much will it cost?

Boiler Replacement

You may be expecting a big bill for a boiler replacement, and perhaps you are right, but before you commit, call me for a quotation and free expert advice. Hopefully you won’t be replacing your boiler because it has suddenly irretrievably broken down but as part of a planned upgrade. If you need any help in deciding what boiler would be best for you, I would be delighted to help you choose by explaining all of the options

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

There is no denying the importance of this safety check. A dangerous gas appliance can be lethal, so you need a conscientious qualified plumber like me. If you are the landlord of a home with gas appliances in it, it is a legal requirement that you ensure that there is a current Gas Safety Certificate for each one

Central Heating

“If you need an new central heating system or your old one fixed, then I’m you man. Experience not only saves you trouble but also it saves you money!”